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Anil Kapoor famous actor of bollywood, now have identity in hollywood after slumdog millionaire. See Anil Kapoor in Toronto During IIFA visit


SRK in IIFA Met Toronto Mayor

In this year, 2010-11 IIFA Award held in Toronto, Canada where the Bollywood biggest celebrity met with officials of Toronto. I have been here to not sharing about Bollywood meetings but we will talk about city of luv Toronto. One of the coolest capital of worldwide. See some Bollywood IIFA coolest moments in hot market of Toronto. [ I m looking for your flashy comments]

Listen ! My worldwide Indian audience, you wanna know your most adorable star luv which place actually ? Here to come the list                  of top 10 Bollywood Actors & Actresses along with their favorite places and food.

  • Akshay Kumar : Like everybody knows before Bollywood Actor , Akshay kumar had been known as cook in Bankok. It was not fun for him when he was doing so but now he really enjoys cooking and admire it. His famous show Masterchef India presented his interest towards cooking.


    Akki's Favorite City

  • Akki Favorite Place : Toronto
    Reason : Akki two times well earned by Toronto Govt. He called up there for Winter Olympics & The Guest of Honor at the Indo-Canadian G20 summit.
    Cuisine : Akshay Kumar says “I love to eat all sorts of food and different cuisines from all over the world; however I particularly relish Thai green curry.
    Favorite Places to Eat : “JW Marriot, Wasabi, Four Seasons and Chandni Chowk, which is a different experience all together, since I stayed there.
  • Shahrukh Khan: Superstar Shahrukh Khan, is not just well known personality in India but represents Bollywood & Indian culture among their millions of Foreigner Friends too.

    Srk Favorite City

    SRK’s Favorite Place:  London & Dubai
    Reason : He has a home in London & Dubai. Srk says ” he can spend quality time with his family in London and Dubai
    Cuisine : Tandoori Chicken, He say he can eat this food 365 days in a year
    Favorite Places to Eat: China White in Mumbai, Japanese Restaurant Nobu in London, Buddha Bar in Newyork, Kittichai in Soho for its Thai food and MC Donald too.

  • Hrithik Roshan : Global Hot Shot Hrithik Roshan, is Handsome Hunk of India, Son of famous director Rakesh Roshan and Bollywood Superstar who has millions of fans around the world.

    Duggu’s Favorite Place:  Some days back in his new TV show on Star Plus Hrithik announced after mumbai if he wants to live some where i.e. LONDON
    Reason: He likes the Ancient beauty of this city.
    Cuisine:  Indian food , He enjoys maximum Indian food including Dosa and Idli
    Favorite Places to EatFiorella at the Leela, Little Italy and Trattoria at the president and Royal Dragon in London.


    Salman's Favorite City


  • Salman Khan: Salman Khan is Known for his cool personality and his style. Salman Khan is another superstar of India, well famous for his kindness.
    Sallu’s Favorite Place: Dubai, London: Thames, Big Ben and the trams of the city fascinate him.
    Reason: He has Bunglow also in Dubai and I heard many times he spends quality time with his family there when he get bored with his Routine Schedule 
    Cuisine: Chicken Biryani
    Favorite Places to Eat:  He is not specific about Restaurant.
  • Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan has own film making style as much as he appears ONthe screen, deeper much into production and every thing. He is well known superstar , if my idea is correct everybody who has his their favorite star in Bollywood Industry also ideal Aamir khan. He renowned as Mr. perfectionist.AK’s Favorite Place: Again Like all 3 Superstar , He also Loves London
    Reason: I couldn’t get most specific reason, why does he like this city but he calls it a beautiful city.
    Cuisine: Indian and Moghlai dishes
I hope by this article you may know your favorite star more deeply, if you think i put any information incorrect or incomplete. Please correct me and send me the info through comment box. I really luv to share this info..

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